The Great Balanzo!

A show that brings an old fashioned classic style to your event & turns the everyday in to an adventure.

BALANZO presents live circus performances at any event that are amazing, silly, and unforgettable!

He’s the last surviving member of the Royal Balanzos who were exiled from their kingdom hundreds of years ago.  Since then they have survived by traveling the world as circus performers.   Don’t miss THE GREAT BALANZO!

CIRCA 1763

Festival Show 
The festival show is a %100 self-contained performance that can be presented almost anywhere.  The show runs 30-45 mins and ends with a suspense-filled, amazing & unique finale called the Towering Inferno !
theatre Show
The theatre show is perfect for schools, community halls, colleges & theatres of any size. The show fills small or large spaces with a set that transforms magically in front of audiences bringing a cartoon-like reality to life before their eyes!  The show runs 45-60 mins and is fully self-contained.   Shows are offered in English, French or both.

Aytahn Ross
Executive Clown
Acme Circus
Cel  514.883.9555

“Your show was one of the funniest & entertaining we have ever had”
                                M. Welk - Executive Director COCL Events